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How to dual extract your medicinal mushroom – make your own tincture

Amazing properties of medicinal mushrooms like reishi, chaga, lions mane, cordyceps are best extracted by double / dual extraction method.

It takes a little effort and time but if you can get your hands on whole mushrooms it is possible and quite simple to make your own tincture.

These herbs have been used for centuries for many reasons including immune modulation, anti-tumour,and maintenance of health and healing dis-eases in the body.

Some of the beneficial compounds found in these mushrooms are better extracted by water method (such as polysaccharides) and some needs to be extracted by alcohol (such as terpenoids and phenolics), which makes dual/double extraction more efficient way to take in full spectrum benefits of the medicinal mushrooms.

That is why all of our mushroom products are dual/ double extracted.

Just noting that there are more than this way of extraction. Some herbalists do not believe in using left over material from alcohol tincture for the second water extraction step. ( if you decide to use fresh batch to make the water extraction batch, simply divide the mushrooms into two and use one for alcohol tincture and another for water)

step 1:

Make sure the mushrooms are dehydrated completely

step 2:

Grind them into a powder using a high power blender or food processor. This will give larger surface area.

step 3:

Cover with pure vodka and leave for at least 4 weeks. Shaking the jar everyday

step 4:


Step 5:

Take the left over material and simmer with twice the volume of water than vodka you used for at least 2 hours. Keep an eye on the water level and add more water to prevent burning in the pan.

step 6:

The liquid should be the same as the tincture (if you are using 100 proof vodka) less if the vodka is less than 100 proof) End tincture should be roughy 25 percent alcohol.

step 7:

Strain the tea and cool before mixing with the tincture.

step 8:

keep in a dark glass container, away from the light.

dosage can vary a lot depending on your body size, experience of reishi, tolerance to alcohol and if you are consuming with food or empty stomach.

Start small ( around 3 droppers) , 12 drops are high end of stsandard dose. adding it in smoothies, tea is fine but for optimal way is to take it under the tongue.


Our already dual extracted powder are available




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