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herbs – 17 ways to your optimal health

People used to take herbs because they didn’t want to take pills from a pharmacy.

Now I am noticing that more people prefer to take alternative herbal formulas, instead of going to the doctor for a prescription.  In fact, there are many drug companies which are using the active ingredients of herbs and planning to sell concentrated form of herbs as prescription drugs.

It does say something about how powerful these natural sources could be. ( though there are may problems associated with drug companies interfering with natural herbs and making them into merely a “product”)

With herbs , like many other things, the quality is very important. Herbs absorb a large amounts of pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals. Make sure to check if they are either organic / wild crafted or no pesticides used to grow them.

Herbs contain powerful compounds that needs much respect for. They can give you side effects if not used properly.

my favourite herbs are tonic herbs. They are safe for many, can be taken regularly. They include medicinal mushrooms, ho shou wu, schisandra berries etc. And there are medicinal herbs, which are powerful but need to be more cautious. They include echinacea, garlic, milk thistle etc. make sure to educate yourself before taking these herbs.


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