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immunity – 17 ways to your optimal health

Your immune system is highly intelligent and complex. In fact it is just really amazing!

If it is working like it should, your immune system

– identifies every single cell in your body as friendly cells

– singles out and identifies foreign invaders

– builds specific “weapon” to defeat these invaders

-remembers the past invaders and act instantly if the same invaders come into the system

– identifies damaged cells and destroy before it can do any harm

– communicate with each and every part of itself

Organs that are especially important for the immune systems include

– lymph nodes

– the spleen

– the tonsils

-the adenoid

– appendix

When we were born we have very weak  immune systems. That is why the first milk, colostrum, is a very important part of the child immunity. It contains powerful compounds such as lactoferrin, alkyglycerols and other factors, as well as many enzymes and prebiotic cultures to build a stronger system. However problems can occur and your immune system can start not functioning in an optimal rate.

– overwhelmed by too many invaders

– weakened and not able to build defences against invaders

– loses ability to identify what to attack and what not to

there are people who are unfortunately born without the key component at birth. But if you are not one of those people and even if you are, there are many things that you can do to optimise its function.

– clean up your digestive system and intestinal tract

– beneficial bacteria are needed to manufacture potent immune boosters. Include them in your diet

– make sure you are nutritionally well nourished

– clean, and detoxify the liver as needed and balance your PH level

-work on your mental / nervous system – reduce stress in your body

– exercise regularly, but do not over exercise

– use immunity balancing / building herbs and foods

(Echinacea, pau’d arco, graviola, medicinal mushrooms, garlic, ginger, apple cider vinegar,  aloe vera


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