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cleansing liver, kidney and blood – 17 ways to your optimal health

The liver is often associated with filtering and regulating fat storage. They are indeed main functions of the liver. But it has many more functions.

here are a few of its functions.

1. metabolises proteins, fats, carbohydrates to provide us energy and nutrients

2. stores necessary vitamins and minerals

3. creates bile to break down fats

4. filters harmful toxins and chemicals

5. stores extra blood

6. break down excess hormones

7. creates immune substances such as gamma globulin

8. helps maintain blood pressure.

9. regenerates its own damaged tissue

The liver can be damaged by factors such as

– too much proteins

– too much simple carbohydrates

– eating too much enzyme deficient food

– too much alcohol and drugs (medicinal and recreational)

-toxins, heavy metals and pesticides

– lack of exercise

Our body is amazing and the liver is not an exception. If you give it a chance it has an ability to regenerate itself.

– make sure to consume well balanced, nutrient rich meals

– look at your life style

-include liver classing herbs and foods such as milk thistle, dandelion roots, cruciferous vegetables and garlic

– introduce water with lemon juice first thing in the morning

cleansing the blood

The quality of your blood depends on your emotional state and the quality of the food you eat. Many people go through coronary bypasses and many complications from the procedure have been reported.

There are alternatives

chelation therapy has been reported to improve the health and condition of cardiovascular system in a quite dramatic way. Oral chelation formulas such as malice acid, coriander (cilantro) and cysteine have been tested as effective.

PH level of blood

A balaned PH level of all of our bodily fluids is vital. ( see other section about alkalinity) . When we consume too much acid producing foods the body needs to neutralise it. It cannot eliminate acids through the kidneys, so it will have to steal minerals from anywhere to balance the blood PH level. Saliva is usually the first place and then the body will begin taking minerals such as calcium form the bones.

make sure to have abundance of alkalising foods (green vegetables, lemon, low sugar fruits) to maintain a proper PH.

look at your lifestyle. highly stressed people are usually acidic in their  blood.


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