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#10 podcast – chaga mushrooms

In this episode, I am talking about another medicinal mushroom, Chaga. If Reishi is the queen of the mushroom, chaga is known to be the King of the mushroom.

Chaga grows naturally on birch trees in cold climates, in Russia, Korea, Japan, Europe, Canada, and Northen regions of the United States. It produces a fruiting body on the trunk of the tree that looks like a burnt charcoal. It was actually also used as a coal extender in some communities but traditionally used to make a medicinal tea.

In this episode I go through

  • The benefits of chaga mushroom
  • What is SOD and how it can help you to age gracefully
  • Anti-cancer compound in chaga
  • How chaga grows and how it should be harvested
  • How much to take chaga

studies that I mentioned

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