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Shoku Iku offers an organic raw and living food experience, full of vitality, love and consciousness.The cafe is located in Melbourne, Australia, featuring organic and seasonal produce made with care and packed with superfood nutrients. Experience a true heaven of wellness, conscious living and connection.

On our online shop you can now have delicious, healing and innovative produce delivered to your door.

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RAW VEGAN HEMP + BUCKWHEAT COOKIE 6 Feb 2018 - After writing the last post about ketogenic diet I have been doing experimenting with lowering my saturated fat intake. (That means less coconut and cacao) I don’t plan to stay on this for too long but when the weather is hot like this it feels quite nice to do less of dense foods. Buckwheat is […]
Is Ketogenic diet killing you? 25 Jan 2018 - Move over Paleo. Ketogenic diet seems to be the latest trendy diet these days. When you are in ketosis (from high fat diet) your body will shift to produce ketones for energy when fat is broken down in the liver. One of the main reasons people rave about this ketogenic diet is that it can […]
Ashitaba ball – raw vegan sugar free superfood recipe 3 Dec 2017 -   Ashitaba is another superfood that has been getting more spotlight in the recent years. Ashitaba (translated as “tomorrow leaf”) is packed with so much nutrients and studied to prove many health benefits. It is mostly known for its high calcium, B vitamin, iron and vitamin A content. Interesting nutrient you find in Ashitaba is […]

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