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Shoku Iku offers an organic raw and living food experience, full of vitality, love and consciousness.The cafe is located in Melbourne, Australia, featuring organic and seasonal produce made with care and packed with superfood nutrients. Experience a true heaven of wellness, conscious living and connection.

On our online shop you can now have delicious, healing and innovative produce delivered to your door.

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when organic herbs are not better 16 Nov 2017 - Medicinal mushroom seems to become the hot trend of 2018 in a superfood world.  When we first opened the shop it was a strange concept to add mushroom to your almond lattes. Not anymore. Medicinal mushrooms has been utilised, studied extensively and I am confident that this trend is not going to stop anytime soon. […]
raw vegan broccoli, pumpkin seed and seaweed pate recipe 2 Oct 2017 - firstly I apologise for not posting recipes for you lately. Today was the first afternoon off I had in argggghhh….almost three months. There are so much to do on top of a staff on holiday I had to cover for that I have been working really hard lately. Don’t get me wrong. I love what […]
RAW VEGAN RECIPE – SNICKERS BAR 19 Jul 2017 - Before sharing the best raw vegan snickers bar recipe, can we just talk about the ingredients of “real” snickers bars? You see milk chocolate is the first ingredient. I suppose that is why people think chocolate is not good for you. The main ingredient in their chocolate is…. yep you guessed it  SUGAR. That is […]

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