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Shokuiku offers an organic raw and living food experience, full of vitality, love and consciousness.The cafe is located in Melbourne, Australia, featuring organic and seasonal produce made with care and packed with superfood nutrients. Experience a true heaven of wellness, conscious living and connection.

On our online shop you can now have delicious, healing and innovative produce delivered to your door.

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blue majik ice block cake Blue majik – what is it and how to use it – raw vegan ice block cake recipe 23 Jul 2016What is Blue Majik? Blue Majik is a certified organic extract of a special spirulina coming from Klamath lake in Oregon. It contains a powerful antioxidant called phycocyanin,responsible for bright blue colour. Phycocyanin is known to be anti-inflammatory and potent free radical scavenger. (Romay et al, 2000) (Remirez et al, 2002) This anti-oxidant is thought […]Read More
noni noni fruit – this “vomit fruit” can cure? 14 Jul 2016Noni is definitely one of the superfoods you should know about! maybe it hasn’t taken off because it is pretty strong in taste. The noni plant is high in antioxidant, vitamin c and potassium but the main benefits come from its phytonutrients which have strong anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral compounds. Noni has been used in many […]Read More
raw vegan tim tam raw vegan tim tam! 12 Jul 2016Tim Tam was one of those exciting “unhealthy” foods I discovered when I first moved to New Zealand. It was not just after 1 Tim Tam that made me feel satisfied. I am not sure who could just have 1 piece and put the package away… (definitely was not me) So what exactly is in […]Read More

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