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Shokuiku offers an organic raw and living food experience, full of vitality, love and consciousness.The cafe is located in Melbourne, Australia, featuring organic and seasonal produce made with care and packed with superfood nutrients. Experience a true heaven of wellness, conscious living and connection.

On our online shop you can now have delicious, healing and innovative produce delivered to your door.

In our online shop we carry hundreds of superfoods, superherbs and healthy supplements

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raw vegan anzac cookie raw vegan Anzac cookie recipe 24 Apr 2017only raw vegan Anzac recipe you need right here Even though the story behind these cookies are pretty vague, they have become part of tradition. Golden syrup is traditionally used to sweeten these cookies. Golden syrup is basically refined sugar, delivering empty calories. Oats are somewhat controversial as many grain free, gluten free people avoid […]Read More
raw vegan hazelnut fudge raw vegan hazelnut fudge with chaga 11 Apr 2017Sometimes I just don’t want to wash a food processor or blender. This recipe is for those “lazy” times only 4 ingredients (3 if you dont add extra chaga though it is highly recommended) quick and easy. absolutely delicious. get in the kitchen now 100g cacao paste, melted 170g hazelnut buter (you can make your […]Read More
Miron jars Why choose Miron Jars 3 Apr 2017We are excited to let you know you know we are now offering the option of having your superfoods and superherbs packed on violet glass Miron Jars. Why Miron Jars? Our aim is to offer you the freshest and most nutrient dense superfoods possible and choosing the right storage can affect the potency and freshness […]Read More

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