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winter – time to rest and meditate

As much as I would love being warm with out too many layers on I know having winter is here for a purpose.

having a cold temperature makes our plants grow stronger and have varied crops to enjoy. Because we experience this season we appreciate a little but beautiful pleasure of  spring when it comes.

The energy in winter is quite yin, which is more receptive and introspective. It is time to rest, meditate and look into your core energy

Both salty and bitter food can be healing during this season , as they have a grounding and centring effects. Salty food includes, salt (natural salt), miso, tamari, seaweed, soy sauce, umeboshi. bitter food include lettuce, watercress, turnip, burdock, horsetail and citrus peel etc.

The organs most affected in winter are Kidney and bladder (water element) In Chinese Medicine Kidneys are seen as a foundation of the body and stores JING (our essence)

In our modern days many of us are Jing deficient.  Our stressful lifestyle, less ideal foods and water, lack of sleep can all deplete this energy. We all need to look after the precious “jing” as it is very challenging to get it back once it is gone.

Winter is the time to restore our energy for the spring. Be kind and look after yourself

General Kidney imbalances include

bone problems

hearing loss

sexual and reproductive imbalance

excessive fear and insecurity

premature ageing


I have explained what Jing is here


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