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Ashitaba ball – raw vegan sugar free superfood recipe


Ashitaba is another superfood that has been getting more spotlight in the recent years. Ashitaba (translated as “tomorrow leaf”) is packed with so much nutrients and studied to prove many health benefits.

It is mostly known for its high calcium, B vitamin, iron and vitamin A content. Interesting nutrient you find in Ashitaba is B12, which is rarely found in plant based foods. Vitamin B12 plays a crucial role in our nervous system, red blood cell formation and energy levels.

When you break the stalks a golden sap oozes out. This liquid, chalcone contains 20 unique favonoids. There are many studies done on Ashitaba, particularly its chalcone.

weight management

two out of the 20 flavonoids found in Ashitaba Chalcone, have demonstrated to have a positive effect on visceral fat and subcutaneous fat.


Ashitaba may increase the production of BMP-2 which is expected to play a major role in the prevention and healing of osteoporosis


Xanthoangelol in chalcone has shown to exhibit anti-cancer effects, suppressing cell growth abnormalities.


Stomach issues

it is associated with the prevention of constipation.  It is also diuretic, allowing the body to release excess water.


High in Anti-oxidant

it is known to have high ORAC value which fights with free radicals and known to strengthen the immune system.


With more health benefits mentioned around Ashitaba leaf I try to find more ways to include this plant in my recipes.

enjoy these raw vegan, sugar free and gluten free Ashitaba balls.



2 cups desiccated coconut

1 cup almond flour

1 tablespoon Lucuma

1-2 tablespoon Ashitaba 

1/2 tsp luo han guo 80%

juice of half lemon

35g cacao butter, melted

enough water to bind the mixture

cacao – melted cacao paste and your preferred sweetener to sweeten


Place the first 6 ingredients in a food processor. Food process till it becomes a meal consistency.

Add the cacao butter, enough water (less to start with) and process till it comes together.

roll into small balls. Chill.

Dip into the cacao mixture and chill till the chocolate coating hardens. Sprinkle extra Ashitaba and serve.

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