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wakame bread with veg pulp burger and marinated shitake – Raw vegan recipe

It has to be in my blood. I love seaweed. I love both mild and strong seaweed. I love red, green and blue seaweed. I love it to wrap, compliment, decorate and make it a star of a dish.

Seaweed is high in minerals that can be hard to get from land vegetables. Also known to detoxify and support your Jing (your essence energy).

Unfortunately the ocean is not as clean as it once used to be. It saddens me a lot. The way we are treating the environment and the great Earth is quite unacceptable in my opinion. It is not too late. Of course there are so many things I wish our governments and “the system” would do but every one of us can make a difference by choosing to live a lifestyle that can support the environment.

There are some areas that are considered safe (or safer) and it is important to be educated about this.

Here is a recipe using Power Superfoods Wakame flakes. It takes a few steps to make these but totally worth the effort 😉


wakame bread

1 cup buckwheat, sprouted

1 cup sunflower seed , sprouted

100ml golden flax seed, soaked in 150ml water

7.5ml tamari

4 tsp wakame flakes

1 tbs nutritional yeast

veg pulp burger

1/2 cup sunflower seed, activated and dehydrated

1/2 cup vegetable pulp

1 1/2 tsp miso paste

1 tbs tahini

enough water to process

Marinated shitake

if using dry shitake, rehydrate with water

when soft take off tough spots of the stems then marinate with tamari, tahini and a little soaking liquid



Make the bread dough by food processing all the ingredients.

Spread evenly on reflex sheet and score into the preferred size.

Dehydrate till it becomes dry but still pliable.

This bread will last for a week in an air tight container, longer if kept in the fridge.


place the sunflower seeds then process into a fine powder/sunflower meal.

Add the rest and process again.

roll into a burger size then dehydrate for 2-3 hours. they should not be completely dry, should still be moist inside.


place one of the bread then top with burger, marinated mushroom and other fillings of your choice.

Drizzle the sauce from the mushroom and top with another piece of bread.

Serve with extra wakame flakes 😉


What is your favourite way to eat your seaweed?

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