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Vibrational Frequencies of Foods and Emotions

I don’t consider myself to be too woo woo and try to have a balance of science and evidence-based research and traditional or mystical philosophies. But Quantum physics and Vibrational energies are quite interesting to me.

Bruce Tainio was an inventor and researcher who developed the Calibrated Frequency Monitor (CFM) in 1992. The CFM is a device that measures the frequencies of different substances, including the human body, using biofeedback principles. Tainio was also the head of the Department of Agriculture at Washington State University.

Tainio’s research focused on the frequencies of living organisms and how they relate to health and wellness. He believed that everything in the universe vibrates at a specific frequency and that different frequencies could have different effects on the body.

Using the CFM, Tainio measured the frequencies of various foods and found that fresh foods and herbs had the highest frequencies, ranging from 20-27 MHz. In contrast, processed foods and canned foods had lower frequencies, ranging from 0-15 MHz.

Tainio also measured the frequencies of the human body and found that a healthy body typically vibrates between 62-78 MHz. However, if a person’s frequency drops below 58 MHz, they may be more susceptible to illness. The research can tell us that when you have the flu the rate of vibration lowers from the optimum high rate. When you have pneumonia the rate of vibration is even lower. And when you have cancer the rate of vibration is very low. The cause for lower vibrations is a combination of parasites, worms, viruses, fungi, chemical, metal and atomic poisons, repressed emotions, and many other factors. The secret to living a life that is intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually vibrant is to have very high vibrations.

While Tainio’s research has been controversial and some scientists have criticized his methods, his work has contributed to the growing field of vibrational medicine, which explores the use of energy and frequency for healing and wellness.

To grasp the power of vibrational energy, it is important to understand that the human body is essentially a remarkable machine of quantum physics. We are comprised solely of vibrating energy. At our core, we are composed of cells which are made up of atoms, that in turn are made of particles, which are essentially vibrating energy. Atoms are essentially probability waves and most of what we call matter is in fact empty space. We are mostly vibration rather than physical mass. This means that we can be significantly influenced, positively or negatively, by vibrational energy.

A lot of things can contribute to our ability to feel well and live at a higher vibrational state. Being creative, spending time in the sun, doing things we enjoy, eating high-frequency foods, gratitude, and experiencing love and joy can all possess a high vibrational state and it can change our physical and mental state.

High Frequency Foods

Eat foods that are organic, local, and in season. Take your time and prepare your food with care, putting love into each step. Remember to enjoy your food in moderation and choose options that help maintain a slightly alkaline body. Stay present, and calm while eating. Before you start, bless your food and give thanks to those who made it possible. Take small bites and chew slowly to fully savour each flavour. Hydrate with pure water and stay active. Create a comfortable and calming environment for digestion. These are actually teachings from many traditions.

A diet that is rich in raw, and living whole foods can contribute to a higher vibrational state, as they are in their natural state and have not been cooked or processed, which can alter their energetic frequency.

When eating grains and legumes that need cooking, prepare “properly” with soaking and sprouting beforehand.

If a food possesses a high vibrational energy, it implies that it has been grown or produced in a manner that is in sync with all the life forms that have been affected by its production cycle. The food has been produced in a way that respects and harmonises with the natural environment and its ecosystem, promoting sustainability and minimising harm to other living beings. Consuming foods with high vibrational energy can contribute to a sense of connectedness with the environment and promote overall well-being.

Eat more of:

Organic food, especially that grown by conscientious farmers practising biodynamic principles.

Fruits and vegetables, especially dark greens such as spinach, collards, kale and dandelion greens, Brussels sprouts, zucchini, broccoli, and bok choy.

Sea vegetables and algae such as arame, dulse, hijiki, nori, kelp, bladderwrack, spirulina and chlorella

Pure clean water and herbal teas

Sprouts and sprouted legumes and grains

Raw cacao

Fermented foods

raw nuts and seeds, activated

Raw oils such as extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil

Shen promoting herbs, such as reishi, Chaga, Polygala

Eat less of:

Genetically modified food and conventional food that has been treated with chemicals and pesticides, white rice and flours, sugars, coffee, soda, alcohol, processed meats, processed/packaged/canned foods, fast food, unhealthy oils, frozen food, pasteurized dairy products, deep fried foods, and microwaved foods.

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