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tiger nut mocha mousse slice – raw vegan nut free recipe

What are tiger nuts?

They are NOT nuts. They are actually a tuber which has naturally sweet flavour, high in fiber, (which feed our probiotic good bacteria), good fat (mainly mono saturated) and other nutrients such as iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus.

 Ingredients you need to make these slices :

tigernut flour
oat flour (gluten free, sprouted oats if possible)
cacao powder
your preferred liquid sweetener (I used sunroot sweetener )

irish moss gel
coffee extract (organic, cold extracted if possible)
instant coffee or coffee alternative of your choice (I used reishi here)
coconut butter
coconut oil
sunflower or organic soy lecithin powder

tiger nut milk , made with peeled tiger nuts and water

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