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gut health – your digestive tract is the first line of defence

let me ask you a question

what protects you from outside invaders?

Our body is so cleaver that there are several defence system against pathogens that can makes sick. Your skin can act as a barrier between invaders and your body. Your tears, mucus and saliva can trap many bacteria and move them out of our body.

let me introduce this idea that your digestive tract is actually outside of your body. You may be thinking “what are you talking about?” well. think about this. your food goes through your digestion which looks like a tube and does not go into your “body” In fact one of the most important function of your gut is to make sure that no foreign materials enter the body.

There are about 100 trillions of bacteria in your gut to keep you healthy. Unfortunately because of modern diet, lifestyle choices many people have been feeding “bad” bacteria and the composition of good and bad bacteria have been compromised.

One of the best ways to look after your gut heath is to include pro/prebiotic and fermented foods. (please see your doctor if you have special condition such as SIBO which may not tolerate large amount of fermented foods) Great news is that they are really economical to make and tasty.

How many fermented foods can you think of?

Kombucha and sauerkraut have been very popular in the wellness community in the recent years. Kefir and yoghurt (commercial yoghurt is not recommended) are another options. what else?

miso, kimchi, koji, amazake, beer, wine, cheese (traditional), kvass, chutney, natto, lassi,

Coming from japan and studied and surrounded myself with macrobiotic diet/lifestyle for a few years fermented foods have always fascinated me.

I mean when you are making these foods, it is like working with something that is alive and growing. I always joked about how they (kefir grains, Koji, kombucha scorby etc) are like your pets. you have to somehow find a baby sitter to look after them while you are away !  You look after them with love and they love you back with elevating the flavours and toning your gut health. I found it quite meditative during and after making it.

maybe I am reading too deep into this but you can learn so much from every process of the nature. this explains perfectly.

trust the process and let go

You do your work and when it is time you let it go. No need to worry, fiddle and doubt the process. Sometimes it is a couple of days, sometimes it is months and years. You may and may not get to enjoy the end result. You learn what you need to learn and do it again if you want to. Am I talking miso, sake or sauerkraut? or life?

If you are reading this before 9th October I have organised a special diner , inspired by exotic flavours of fermented foods. Many of them come from the orient regions. You can have a look at the menu and reserve your places here

hope to see you then

yoko x

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