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sugar sugar sugar! why we feel bad eating sweet food?

Oh how we love sweet things….

if you have a condition that requires you to cut down all the sugars, including fruits and less processed sweeteners then please follow your practitioners as well yourself.

if not i don’t see sweet things as ‘bad” food anymore.

For a while i was strictly avoiding everything sweet. I think i only ate maybe 2 pieces of fruits in 6 months because I was even avoiding “natural’ sweet food. It was a good experience but for now I am happy with “choosing to eat sweet things consciously” path.

I find it interesting that many of us feel guilty about eating something sweet, even though our first food, mother’s milk, is extremely sweet. We didn’t feel guilty about it then, right? Is it because of all these processed products labelled as “guilty pleasure”, “naughty habits”, “bad food” ? or is it because we feel we are not worth enjoying the deliciously sweet food?  or is it the strict mind set that all the sweet food is something that is damaging to the body?


All the smoothies, desserts, cakes, biscuits and other treats at the cafe are made to be enjoyed for your tastebuds and mentally. All our sweeteners come from less processed sources, such as dried and fresh fruits, super powder that is naturally sweet (e.g. mesquite, lucuma, maca), coconut nectar and sugar, yacon syrup, stevia and lakanto. Though I still don’t want to over eat them and always balance out with something green I don’t feel guilty about eating them anymore. When you know that it comes from natural and whole food source and they are made with “love” it fuels my body and mind in many ways.

I stay away from overly processed sugar , including agave syrup as I learnt and experienced  negative effects on my body. I still find it hard when people kindly share or give me things that I would not normally eat. I am learning to be grateful and eat them with gratitude, and I feel it helps. But sometimes it does backfire after. I am still trying to find the balance…


I would love to know how you cope with the situation like this!


if you are interested in the effects of white sugar and alternative to them click here

Also i will be posting the latest sugar alternative that I am so excited about soon


until then, enjoy your cake “consciously”

yoko xx

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