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thank you note to people who have come to see us at the cafe.

It has been nearly 6 months since we opened the door to the public now. What a journey it has been. I have learnt so much as a business person, mother, woman and as a spiritual being.

I always had an issue with a self esteem. As a person who is running a business which is exposed to the public I had to learn not to react to every negative comments and quiet days.

Every mornings and every time before we reopen for dinner on saturdays the thought comes to my mind still. “Maybe no one will turn up… (Instead of being consumed by that thought I thank that thoughts and say bye to that now)

I sometimes catch myself obsessively looking through all the negative reviews on UrbanSpoons and feeling down about them (Then I remember to concentrate on what I am doing right now and what I can learn from those reviews)

I doubt it for a moment when people tell me that they like what they are eating (then I accept simply and be grateful for that moment)

I still get the guilty feelings of not doing everything “right” and being the “right” person, especially as a mother. I have so much to do now. I work as soon as I get up and work till I go to bed. Not much time to do things or go somewhere away with my daughter anymore. even if i do then I feel guilty about not being able to get things done for the cafe. (Then I remember I am doing everything I can right now)


If I didn’t love what I do I would have quitted a long time ago. I had a pleasure of having a few “famous” people coming to dine at the cafe in the short 6 months. I get so excited meeting them and inspired by them because they have so much beautiful energy from doing what they love doing. But the main reason I am still doing this is you.

You came to say that you enjoyed the meals. You shared your stories about your illnesses. You brought your daughter who you are worried that may have an eating disorder and I see her eating what I created. You come in regularly and told me Shokuiku is like your second home. You came just to say hi and see how I am. You have spared your time to share this place with your friends and followers. I feel so much love and support from you and realise that is why I am here. After a long day, before I leave the shop I still look around the quiet space and amazed to see what I and you have created together.

Shokuiku is evolving all the time. I am still learning as it goes and hope you can be patient and see us on the journey

I am so grateful. thank you


yoko xxx

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