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rest – 17 ways to your optimal health

There are too many things to be done, many people to see and just too busy to rest!

Unfortunately this hectic lifestyle can cause so much damage to our lives

there are some of the benefits from well rested mind and body

– healthier body

– less stress

– better productivity

– more creativitiy

– better relationships

-healthier weight

Only when we are sleeping and resting the body can repair itself. This will affect your brain through a process called memory consolidation,which helps the brain to commit new information. Immunity can be affected including the activity of body’s natural killer cells. In fact there are many diseases associated including cardiovascular, endocrine diseases, immune disorders , cancer as well as digestive disorders, fertility issues etc.

Exercise is an important part of our lives but we are also not designed to push our selves to the limit everyday. Overtraining without any rest can increase cortisol, fatigue, insomnia and musculoskeletal breakdown

It is up to an individual person what the rest means to them. Here are some suggestions

– meditation

– breathing exercise

-yoga, qi gong tai chi

– massage, reflexology, or other energy body work

– gentle walk

– enough sleep (6-10 hours average 8 hours)

– quiet “self love” time

– limit stressful social engagement

As a mother, business owner and an average person living in a city it is easier said than done. I don’t want the above list is to become another “to-do list” either. The thing that works for me is to be kind to myself. If I can’t get something done that is ok. just taking a moment to rest, breath and come back into the presence. It makes the world of difference.

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