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energy – 17 ways to your optimal health

When we hear energy we are usually associating this word with more a physical energy. We may be talking about the energy of foods, nervy we fell within our bodies, energy that can stimulate our muscles, organs and other cells.

they are of course all important.

I am talking about something that may not resonate with you at this moment. if so just skip to the next page! But this topic is quite interesting to me

pyramids, radionics, crystals, tachyons, healing sounds can all alter our energy, and these waves can be generated in many ways. Have you seen any of Kirlian photography? Though I am not sure if all of them are genuine I feel there are many which represents what this energy is all about.  kirlian photography


The benefits of charged products can powerfully influence our well beings. You can increase the energy of foods and drinks by eating them unaltered, with no chemicals, structured with magnets or other means or simply sending higher vibrational thoughts. This can apply directly to yourself and others. can you find the higher energy foods and drinks? can you surround yourself with more positive energy and affirmations? Can you live more in a non- toxic environment?

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