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Herbal Coffee Mushroom Latte

Indulge in the rich and comforting experience of our Herbal Coffee Latte – a gluten-free and caffeine-free delight meticulously crafted for a wholesome coffee alternative.

Full Description

A harmonious blend of natural ingredients that transcends the ordinary coffee experience, crafted for those seeking a caffeine-free and gluten-free alternative. This indulgent beverage invites you to savour the rich, robust flavours without the jolt of traditional coffee.

  1. Gluten-Free, Caffeine-Free Bliss: Perfect for those seeking a coffee alternative without gluten or caffeine, our Herbal Coffee Latte provides a warm and inviting cup that won't compromise your dietary choices.
  2. Roasted Barley, Rye, Chicory Root, Dandelion Root: A harmonious blend of roasted barley, rye, chicory root, and dandelion root creates a robust and full-bodied flavour profile. These carefully selected ingredients contribute to the rich, coffee-like experience without the need for traditional coffee beans.
  3. Shoku Iku Medicinal Mushroom Blend: Elevate your latte experience with the Shoku Iku medicinal mushroom blend, renowned for its potential health benefits. Embrace the adaptogenic properties of these mushrooms in a delicious and convenient form.


Simply add hot water (or warm milk of your choice) and froth. There is no sweetener in this blend, so feel free to use the sweetener of your choice. (I quite like it as it is, but I sometimes add a touch of our pure monk fruit.) Enjoy it hot or iced; it's a beautiful choice either way.


serves 33


How To use

Add 1 1/2 tbs to a little hot water or Mylk to combine. Stir in remaining liquid to make 150ml

Full Ingredient List

* coconut milk, *extracts of roasted barley, rye, chicory root, dandelion root, Shoku
Iku medicinal mushroom blend

Additional Info


  1. Melissa

    Give this a go! It’s incredible and great flavour.

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