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EAT MORE RAW IN WINTER – how to stay balanced when eating raw food in winter

Full Description

Raw food in winter is possible?


- Do you love how your body feels when eating raw foods?

- Not sure what to eat in winter?

- Have you tried eating raw food and it did not work?

- Would you like to thrive on raw food all year around?

This book can help you set up for success in the colder months and still eat however much raw food you would like to include in your diet.

It will explain it is not outside warmth you need to keep warm. You can still have fire inside of you no matter what the weather is like outside.


- 11 practical actions to help you eat more raw  in winter and still warm

- how to get warm from your foods

- how to prepare for the winter

- what winter is for

- list of warming foods

- helpful herbs to rebalance in winter

- winter from macrobiotic and Five Element Theory Perspective

- how to make tea

- how you could accumulate dampness around your waistline, sluggish digestion and metabolism

- winter recipes

I am sure this information will help you to eat in the way you love and see foods in a different way.

 only $19.99



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