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powerful Prebiotic – 17 ways to your optimal health

We are full of bacteria in the body. it doesn’t matter how much you go through a detox programme, or how clean and hygienic you are.

The only time you are free of microorganisms is when you were first born. You were then virtually sterile. If you were fortunate enough to be breastfed good bacteria in your body dominate over “bad bacteria” . That is one of the reasons that breast fed babies have fewer infections.

So how much bacteria do you think you are hosting right now? If you are healthy, over 100 trillion microorganisms from some 400 different species flourish in your intestinal tract. (can you just imagine???)  They are there to aid digestion, absorption and the production of B vitamins and enzymes. Also they can cover the surface areas of your entire system, crowding out all the harmful bacteria. Beneficial effects of friendly bacteria include

– balanced cholesterol level

– prevention of major diseases including cancer, stomach ulcers

– protection against food poisoning

– protection against food allergies and intolerance

– improve immunity

– protection against candida, yeast infections and other digestive tract dysfunctions

– improves the appearance of the skin

– improves absorption of certain nutrients , including B vitamins

Unfortunately many people have declined number of food bacteria as we age. Reasons for this may be

-ageing process

– Disruption and changes in the acid and alkaline balance of the bowels

– some anti- inflammatory drugs, medical antibiotics

– chlorine in the drinking water

– radiation and chemotherapy

– animal products which are injected with antibiotics

– dysfunction of digestive tract, including constipation

– cigarettes, alcohol, and stress

Because of the poor diet and neglecting the importance of healthy gut health, most people have the bacteria count as low as four or five per millilitre , compare to healthy 100 trillion.


In most cultures, we find some sort of fermented foods. sauerkraut, miso, pickles, fermented beans,  kefir, kombucha, natto, cheese, yogurt. These are all easy enough, and cheap to make super foods. I try to include at least one with every meal that I have. Just note that all the modern, commercially made products, especially cheese, yoghurt and pickles can be quick – made, full of sugar and preservatives and pasteurised which don’t have much beneficial bacteria left and can actually be harmful to the body.

Prebiotic formula çan be taken as a supplements. Make sure to choose formula that

-uses only recognised supper strains of beneficial bacteria

-was developed using full culture pressing (so that the bacteria and its powerful supernatant are kept together) – The supernatant, which is the medium the culture was grown in, contains a multitude of beneficial byproducts, including vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and immune stimulators.

You can also make your own fermented food using a formula to get it started. it will increase and improves the quality of the beneficial bacteria.

so the question for today is this.

what is your favourited cultured, fermented foods?

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