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enzymes – 17 ways to your optimal health

Enzymes are something that I don’t hear too many people talking about, unlike prebiotic. However they are an essential part of your digestive system, as well as most of your bodily functions.

what are enzymes?

enzymes are needed to facilitate chemical reactions in living orgasms. All of your tissues, muscles, organs and cells are run by enzymes. If you think you don’t understand how important that is I will say this in a different way. Your ability to see, think, move, feel, breathe,digest, absorb (everything you do!( is governed by enzymes!

Where do you find enzymes?

Enzymes are produced internally, and found in raw foods that we eat. When we are born we are endowed with certain potential for enzymes. If we have a proper nutrition and eating habits then we don’t have to tap into the reserved enzymes.

When you process and cook foods enzymes are denatured (vertically all enzymes are destroyed at 48-52 degrees). That means if you eat a lot of cooked food, the food entering your stomach is severely enzyme deficient. On top of that we don’t chew our foods properly. When we do the foods enter the stomach with digestive enzymes from our saliva, actually breaking down as much as 75 percent of your meal. If we don’t, as many of us don’t, the foods sit like a heavy lump in a stomach with very little digestion.

At this point the pancreas and other endocrine system are under a huge pressure as they have to draw out the reserved enzymes.

Of course eating foods that are not cooked (so enzymes are alive) is important, as well as chewing the food and eating consciously. Supplementing  digestive enzymes with meals can help share the workload of your body’s own.

Another interesting study has found that taking the enzymes between meals can treat many infections and allergic reactions. When the excess or partially digested protein are released into the bloodstream, the immune system treat them as invaders. If healthy it can be drained through lymphatic system, but if not it can trigger allergic reactions. When the pancreatic enzymes are taken between meals and not having to be used to digest foods these enzymes can go directly into the bloodstream to clear our the infections and other unwanted materials and organisms.

Supplements should include AT LEAST

protein digestors (protease, papain)

carbohydrates and starches (amylase)

fats (lipase and bromelaine)

fibre (cellulase)

dairy (lactase)

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