How Pana Chocolate got to where they are? – interview with Pana Barbounis


If you are in Australia and into healthy food you probably know lana chocolate.

Pana Chocolate is raw, organic and hand made chocolate company that is expanding really fast. I cannot believe they have been operating only three years and they are a global company already!

It is inspiring to me to see a company which started with passion continue to keep its ethics and grow like this.

I have met Pana Boubounis, founder of Pana Chocolate in the past a few times. He is just a really nice guy. His passion and genuine personality i think is the key to the company’s success.

it made me think of our life purpose. This interview inspires me and motivates me to do more. But in a different way. Success means different thing to different people. For me, for now, his goal and dream are not mine. and that is ok. What makes your heart sing? what makes you excited every day?

I would love to know what you thought of this interview.


You see, every company has stories of their own. Choose one that has real heart and soul.

enjoy x


Pana Chocolate

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