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Quick Natto Living Salad – Vegan, Living Food

quick natto living salad

There is a difference between raw food and living food.

raw food diet can consist of unactivated nuts and no fermented products. Living food, in my opinion is much superior and offers more nutrients as well as food energy.

Beans, legumes and grains are not big part of my current diet, with an exception of small amount of them sprouted and/or fermented. Even though soy beans have getting a bad reputation lately I believe it is because of what the modern processing has done to them. When properly prepared and fermented it can give you some amazing benefit. ( of course there are people who won’t do well with any soy beans…)

Find more about Natto used in this recipe and how to make natto yourself here

This is a simple salad I made using homemade natto.




vegetables of your choice

I used

-marinated kale

-dehydrated daikon

-cauliflower, chopped

-sunflower sprouts

and nori on top

enjoy xx

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