Holy Basil Queen of all Herbs

quotescover-JPG-66 One of the most cherished herb in Ayurvedic medicine is the Tulsi leaf, or Holy Basil. Traditionally, most household in India grow this herb in earthen pot and it is widely revered not only for health but for its spiritual benefits as well.

It is believed to be   manifestation of the Divine Mother on Earth, for the benefit of all creation. Known as the “Mother Medicine of Nature” , “Queen of Herbs,” and the “Elixir of Life”, it has been  used for thousands of years in various civilisation around the world.

Aside from its many health benefits including antifungal, antibacterial and immunity enhancing properties, the herb is believed to strengthen  faith, compassion, and clarity.

I have been drinking the tea infusion for a few months now, usually as a night cap before I go to bed. Being a mom to two very high energy kids, finding a quiet time in between the kids bed time and my bed time whilst sipping this tea and catching up on my reading  is my idea of bliss.

Recently, I was down with the flu  and I find myself brewing a big pot of Holy Basil  to drink throughout the day. Not only is the tea soothing to my throat but I felt it really help with my chest congestion and headache.

Benefits of Holy Basil

  • Holy basil has high adaptogenic compound and can help relieve stress and enegrise naturally. Studies shows that it is able to increase physical endurance and speeds up healing.
  • Anti-diabetic properties, can reduce blood sugar level
  • Can help protect from liver damage due to poor diet and prolong use of medication
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-Carcinogenic, in recent studies it can reduce skin tumor when crushed fresh leaf was applied directly on the skin
  • Can help strengthen immunity
  • most recently it was discovered to be a strong combatant against radiation

Varieties of Holy Basil

Holy Basil have three varieties – the purple (Krishna), Rama (Green), Vana (forest type)

Krishna   is the most potent and used for  its medicinal value  and is named after the blue skinned Hindi God as the  purple leaves resemble his color.

Rama   has a cool and mellow flavor.

Vana  is known for its fragrance.

The dried leaves can be infused into tea and drunk daily to combat stress and energise the body naturally.


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