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detox with tea? Introducing powerful Dokudami plants, organic

Tea may not be as fashionable as green smoothies and juices in a social media world but it definitely deserves a mention in the wellness community.

Having tea is a huge part of my daily diet. Herbs I use change regularly depending on my short and long health goal.

One of the herb that I am loving at the moment is called DOKUDAMI. Dokudami’ means ‘poison blocking plant’ and this was its use from ancient times.

I would have used this herb without knowing as I was growing up in Japan. My dad would boil this smelly herb in a pot and make a herbal bath. Sometimes chilled Dokudami tea was found in the fridge.

Traditionally Dokudami was used to treat the followings

Externally: Used for abscesses, antidotal astringent, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, used for anal prolapse, anti-tussive, boils, bone growth stimulation, diuretic, hemorrhoids, injuries, mild laxative, snakebites, swellings, urinary antiseptic and detoxification.
Internally: Chronic bronchitis, chronic uterine or cervical infection, cough, cystitis, dysentery, dyspepsia, enteritis, fever, gastritis, infectious skin diseases, infected sores, laryngitis, leprospirosis, lung abscess, pernicious malaria, mastitis, pertusis, pharyngitis, pneumonia, snakebites, tumors, and urinary infection.

and the list goes on…

To make it a little clearer here are the top 5 benefits of Dokudami

1. fights free radical

Free radicals are created in the body by many causes including burned food, pesticides, chemicals, oxidised food, stress, pollution and our daily bodily functions. They can be a cause of many diseases including cancer, inflammation, and premature ageing. Dokudami is a known “free radical scavenger” which can neutralise free radicals in the blood.

2. clears acne by fighting acne producing bacteria

Two major bacteria known to cause acne are Propionibacterium acnes, Staphylococcus epidermidis. Dokudami may be helpful in calming acne breakouts by fighting these two bacteria.

3. Supports immune system

Dokudami can stimulate white blood cells (otherwise known as Natural Killer cells) which are responsible for immune function

4. effective in asthma and allergy treatments

Dokudami has an effect on histamine release. It acts as a histamine blocker  and can aid in inhibiting anaphylactic effects.

5. Reduces inflammation

It can reduce swelling and Dokudami was one of eight compounds chosen to help with SARS outbreak in China.


Spring is the best time to detox after  a stagnant energy flow in winter. Why not try this herb?

Our dokudami is really special. It comes from a place that I have personally visited. The organic herbs are picked by hand, washed in fluoride free water and then sun dried in small batches.

you can get them online here

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