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Conversation with Emily Hazell, founder of Serotonin


If you are in a Melbourne health and wellness foodie scene you proberbly know Serotonin cafe run by Emily. 

Emily is a visionary and creatieve behind Serotonin Eatery, Exercise and Education space. She designerd the space to offer a holistic approach to wellness. Not only Serotinin has an amazing plant based menu they also offer regular workshops, physical traning sessions and other events to bring the community together. 

A little fun fact for you, now that we are talking about serotonin. As you may know serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is a contributor to feelings of happiness and well being. But did you know that 90 percent of that neurochemical is produced in the gut lining, not in the brain? It is another reminder that what you eat and looking after your gut directly affects your mood, focus and creative capacity.

I hope you’ll enjoy the interciew with Emily Hazell from Serotonin.

Opening a cafe or restaurant is a dream for many and if it was you, I hope you will get some good take aways from this interveiw. 

True wellness is not only what you eat. How we live our lives including being passionate about our mission and purpose in this life is an important part of it. I think Emily is living a great example of that. I am so excited for her new book and airBNB project. 

She kindly mentioned our alchemy blends that she uses in her smoothies. “Modern day support” is full of adaptogens, especially formulated to help you adapt to physical and eotional stressors. “Passion” is a cacao based blend with aphrodisiac herbs to ignite sexual and creative energy. (Use discount code “serotonin” to get 10 percent off)

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1 giantmind- meditation academy 

Laura Poole’s verdic meditaion classes

Thank you so much for istening and I would love to hear what your thoght of the interview. Tag me @inoue.yoko and @emilyinwanderlust when you are listening 


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