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Butterfly Pea flower latte

We all deal with things in a different way. My way tends to be avoidance and distractions.

But when there is a opportunity to sit deep in the thoughts and stories (which may be real or made up) try to stay there as long as it’s healthy. 

When the time comes to emerge from the learning I reach out to some herbs for guidance.

Reishi : As you know it is my all time favourite of all herbs. “mushroom of immortality” immunity, grounding, antioxidant, spiritual support

Mucuna: Source of L-dopa, improves mood and energy

Butterfly pea flower  : skin and eye health, reduce stress and lifts mood

Monk fruit extract : nil calorie , low GI sweetener. safe for ketogenic diet and diabetes

Blue Lotus flower : Aphrodisiac, gives mild and calming euphoria



Butterfly pea flower and Reishi latte 

1 cup warm plant based milk 

2 tsp butterfly pea flower 

1/2 – 1 tsp Reishi extract 

1/2 tsp mucuna extract

Pinch of monk fruit to taste 


Blend till frothy and infuse with a blue lotus flower 💙


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