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Cordyceps Mushroom is one of the most fascinating mushrooms. It is a fungus that takes over the body of insects. Wild cordyceps is very expensive and not vegan. However we can cultivate cordyceps and most of the studies are done with cultivated cordyceps showing very similar findings to wild cordyceps.

It is one of the most well known tonic herbs and adaptogens. It is known to strength the primal Kidney functions (Jing) importing sexual functions, physical and mental performance. Consistent  use of cordyceps can improve structural health and shorten the recovery time.

It is also considered to strengthen respiratory system and lung power, improving endurance.

Even though it is a powerful yang herb it also nourishes Yin Jing, which makes this herb balanced and a great rejuvenator.

Coprydceps comprises over 400 species. Out of the 400 two species have been studied mostly and supported by researches.

Cordyceps Sinensis

Cordyceps Sinensis cannot be cultivated at this point of time. What the scientists could do is to grow Cordyceps anamorphs, mycelium cultures that are found to produce similar results to the wild cordyceps sinensis. These anamorphs are grown in liquid fermentation so that we can have pure mycelium. This is now known as Cordyceps Cs-4.

It is quite important to look for Cordyceps sinensis that is grown this way, not grown on grain. The problem with growing them on grain is that the mycellium cannot be separated from the growing medium and it will end up in the final product.


Cordyceps Militaris 

Cordyceps Militaris has become more popular in the recent years as it can be cultivated to produce fruiting body. Militaris are known to give higher levels of beta glucans as well as cordycepin.


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