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are whole grains healthy or not?

This is a huge topic, especially now that paleo eating is getting a lot of attention and many books have been published on this topic.

James Braly, M. D. and Ron Hoggan, M.A claim that more than 200 chronic illnesses and conditions are associated with eating grains, especially with those with gluten. (Dangerous Grains 2002)

Cancer, Autoimmune disease, Osteoporosis, Brain disorders, Intestinal disease, Chronic pain, Digestive issues, Infertility…. the list goes on to claim that eating grains should not be in a healthy diet routine.

Paleo advocates will say that there is fairly strong evidence that most humans did not consume grains 10000 years ago. And our body has not adjusted digesting them properly.

Some bloggers have been posting quite harsh opinions about how grains are killing you and destroying your health. 

However many mainstream health coaches will tell you that whole grains are healthy. They are high in fibre, plant based protein, vitamins and minerals.

No wonder we are confused.

Coming from eating a strict macrobiotic eating regime I was once eating around 80 percent whole grains mainly in a form of gluten free grains such as brown rice, quinoa, millet. Even though I don’t hardly eat them now I wound’t label them as “bad”.  I would still make some rice for my daughter who requires different nutrients and calories from me.

The point I would like to make here is that it is not black and white.

Whole grains have been eaten for a long time but traditionally fermented form. They made a sourdough (not risen with yeast), fermented first to make tortilla, soaked and sprouted grains before cooking.

The soils they grow was cleaner without mercury, heavy metals and arsenic found in many grains these days.

In macrobiotic diet they emphasises chewing the grains till it becomes a liquid before swallowing which makes it easier to digest.

Without looking at these elements you cannot label grains, or any food groups “good ” or “bad”

For people who have thyroid issues raw kale may not be a good food, but for others kale provides amazing nutrients.

Berries are high in  anti-oxidants but absorbs extremely high amount of pesticides if not grown organically and can still feed candida if you are suffering from this issue.

So  are whole grains healthy or not?  I say this every time. It depends. 

It depends on how its grown, how its treated, how its prepared, who it is for, what it is for.

If you have celiacs you may have to avoid gluten quite strictly. But gluten free does not mean that those gluten free cookies from a supermarket are healthy either.

conscious and intuitive eating are where its at 😉


let me know what you think. Do you avoid grains? If not how do you prepare them?


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