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After Dinner Mint Slice – Raw Vegan Recipe


These raw vegan after dinner mint slices are great if you love the combination of mint and chocolate flavours.

There are a few different kinds of mint. I used peppermint becuase that is what grows in my garden but you can use other varieties like pineapple mint, spearmint, ginger mint, apple mint etc. They are known to have anti-nausea and soothing effects on digestion and it is probably why they have started appearing as after dinner treats.

Unlike other commercial mint slices ours are gluten free, vegan, preservatives free 🙂

Macadamia Mint slice

1 cup dessicated coconut

1 cup almond meal

1 cup macadamia nuts, soaked drained and rinsed

handful fresh mint leaves

6 drops medicine flower mint extract

1/8 tsp luo han guo

blend all the ingredients in a blender and shape the miture into a log. Put it in the fridge or freezer till it is firm.

In the meantime make chocolate coating by mixing cacao butter, your prefered sweetener and cacao powder. I added this digestive support blend for extra tonic goodness.

Take the log out and slice into thin-medium slices.

Dip slices into melted chocolate coating and chill before serving


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