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#7 podcast – Sit with Manoj Dias (conversation with a mindfulness and meditation teacher)

I had a pleasure of sitting down for a chat with Manoj Dias before he left for New York. He is a mindfulness and meditation teacher and co founder of ASpace, a meditation studio that helps people around the world feel more present and compassionate with themselves and others.

He is a warm and humble spiritual leader who has helped thousands of people around the world to have more connected and meaningful life.

In this podcast we talk about

  • How he describe himself
  • How to connect deeper with people and have more meaningful conversation
  • How he turned his life around to healthier and purposeful life from being anxious and sick
  • What “mindfulness” means to him
  • Difference between “mindfulness” and “meditation”
  • His past experience with food and his current mindful eating practice
  • How meditation doesn’t resolve all your problems

Manoj Dias Website 


Aspace Website




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