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Why choose Miron Jars

We are excited to let you know you know we are now offering the option of having your superfoods and superherbs packed on violet glass Miron Jars.

Why Miron Jars?

Miron jars

Our aim is to offer you the freshest and most nutrient dense superfoods possible and choosing the right storage can affect the potency and freshness of your superfoods. Miron Jars are made of violet glass that only allows the beneficial spectrum of lights to enter – visible violet light, non visible UVA and Far infrared lights.

We all know that plants need sunlight to grow. However once harvested, light only speeds up the decay process. Powdered superfoods will disintegrate even faster. Miron glass acts like an antioxidant filter that nurtures and preserves the nutrients of your superfoods making it last longer and preserving its potency.


If you choose miron jars on our online shop, it will be an added cost of $10. You can recycle and reuse this jars.

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