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What Are You Smelling From These Flowers?

We just had a beautiful valentine’s dinner at the cafe. When I went to our regular organic shop for our supply I spotted bunch of Fair trade roses. fair trade flowers?

fair trade flower

I could not find any study on Australian florists but research published in American Journal of Public Health has revealed that 18 percent contained pesticides residue levels greater than 5ppm, a couple had levels greater than 400ppm. physical reproductive problems, such as stillbirth, malformations, prematurity were reported among the female workers and the wives of the male workers, as well as other symptoms such as weakness, fatigue, muscle pain, blurred visions,and headache.

on top of that 2003 study published in Mutation Research found that more than 71 percent of cut lower growers have shown genetic damage. More prostate, cervical and testicular cancer are significantly elevated among the workers.

Of course all these spraying has a dramatic impact on our environment. Neonicotinoids in particular are known to get into the pollen and nectar. That is a great hazard to insects such as bees and other insects. Bees are essential to our food system and disappearing very fast.

The chemical used will be spreading through our air, water and soil.

I still love giving and receiving flowers. Maybe native flowers , which are hardy enough to grow with less or no spraying are an option. or maybe flowers from your own garden?

Also, Cecilia fox , in East brunswick offers pesticides free, organic cut flowers and plants

Do you have any other suggestions? I would love to know!

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