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how to alkalise your body

You may have heard “alkalising diet” as it is going for a while now.


Overeating of acidic food can interrupt our normal PH levels. If our cells are too acidic we are more prone to decay quickly (premature ageing), feel stress and attract many diseases and inflammation in our body.

We don’t want to dismiss acidic food completely. after all we do need to restore a “normal” PH level but not become too alkalised either. for an average recommended ration is said to be 80 % alkalising food and 20 % acidic food.

what are alkalising foods?


low sugar fruit

natural water (not tap water)

healthy acidic foods?

sprouted grains, legumes

activated nuts and seeds

protein from whole food source

some fruits

not recommended (overly acidic)

-processed products


-dairy , especially pasteulised , non fermented kind

it is not enough to only look at what you do eat but it is important to look at your lifestyle to keep us alkalised

– breathing from the chest, not the stomach and also inhaling stale air

-Toxins from the food, air, soil, water

– Stress

-weak Kidney. – Kidney is the organ to keep our blood a natural PH.

-deficient in alkalising minerals , such as sodium, magnesium, boron, calcium, sodium, zinc, iron, manganese

– no sleep

-excessive physical and mental exhaustion. – appropriate dose is needed to maintain good health but too much is acid forming

there are many information out there but Dr Robert Young  is one of the well known experts on this topic

yes. go and make some green juice 😉




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