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we are always learning and sometimes it hurts

sorry to be personal again. this blog is like my dairy..

I feel the energy at our cafe is shifting. We welcomed a couple of wonderful new staff and had to let go of a couple.

After being open for a while  I know some of the reasons why many small businesses fail. It is not easy, especially if you started merely because you are so passionate about it and wanted to follow you heart.

My business skill, hospitality skill and spirituality as a person, who is a business owner, friend, mother  and many other things still need fine tuning.

I know we never stop learning. But learning in this life can hurt you so much because it is so emotionally attached. Because learning this way means you have to look deeper into yourself. Lots of guilt, shame and unworthy feeling that you learn to hide from yourself and others can surface at that time. I have learned now to recognise that but I am still at the stage that I still have difficulty letting go of them now and then.


How good would it be just to receive without any attachment, expectations, guilt, and unworthiness. How good would it be just to ask for help and share my journey with others without all the above.


When someone offers to help me i still seem not be able to fully accept. It is challenging especially when the person is so dear to me. As a result I get hurt and they do too.


Hope I have learnt my lesson this time …


can you relate to this? if so is there anything that help you?


yoko xxx

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