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are you living your dream?

I just wanted to share this with you today because it has been one of the things that I kept thinking about.

Since I have opened the cafe I am blessed with meeting people who I had followed in a social media for a while. David wolfe, jessica ainscough from wellness warrior, tara bliss, Adele aka vegie Head, lola berry, Tracy bartram,  kemi, belle from the whole pantry and more.

They are people who have followed their heart and passion and now considered as “guru” “celeb” etc. And every time before meeting people with a”profile” I catch myself excited and nervous at the same time. This insecurity of mine creeps up.

Fortunately every time after meeting them I feel relieved, reminding me again that they are just people like me and you. They come cross special because they are following their dream and trusting that the universe will giver them what they need.


Are you living your dream?


When we start thinking and daydreaming about what is possible it doesn’t seem like a reality. then when we actually planning to step towards taking an action the fear, insecurities and doubts come up. The comfort feeling of having securities and certainty will block you from diving into an adventure. Some people rank these as their priority, and be Ok with the life they have. And that is Ok too.

Most of us will have to take a risk at least once in their lives. I am not just talking about starting a business or doing what we love. I am also talking about relationships and finding ourselves.

I believe this is a journey. I am a traveller and seeker, who will have to trip over, pick oneself up, get lost, find the light and keep going. Along the way I am not just looking ahead and looking for what may be waiting for me in the end but appreciate everything around me at this moment. If I have to fall over, I now have a tool to use so I can pick myself up with a giggle and I can let others to help me stand up and push me a little with appreciation.

it is not because I have done a calculation, research and finding the facts. But because I know now that everything WILL work out in the end. Whatever happening right now is happening because it is meant to happening.


so how do you like your life right now?



yoko xxx

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