Varieties of Maca- yellow, red, black or gelatinised maca

Varieties of Maca

difference between yellow, red, black and gelatinised maca


variety of maca

Maca has been one of the well known superfoods lately. It has caramel like flavour and easy to incorporate in your desserts, smoothies or even dressings. The benefits are more than a prescription, viagra, which is often compared with!

Most people dont realise that there are more than one type of maca and work differently. Maca in general is known to help with Osteoporosis, glancing hormones, mood boosting sexual functions and offers high level of nutrition. it also contains amino acids which is needed to build lean muscle mass. On top of these benefits here are the differences between all the maca varieties we carry.


Yellow maca is the most common kind you will find. It is known to have a positive effect on balancing hormones and long lasting libido. It is particularly helpful for female fertility and menopausal symptoms  (in a study involving mice)

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Red maca has the highest amount of amino acids. It can help balancing hormones in the body, increasing libido and boosting stamina and strength. The top benefits of red maca are increased protection from prostate cancer and bone structure and density (Journal Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2005, 3:5 ). It is also known to help with handling stress, depression.

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Black maca is the rarest of all the three varieties. On top of all the benefits mentioned already (hormone balancing, boosting general mood, anti depressant, anti-stress, libido) black maca is well studied for its ability to increase sperm counts in men, as well as sperm mobility. It helps protect against stress and fatigue better than other two varieties. It may also boost immunity, digestion, enhance sleep quality and reduce aches and pains. Black maca appears to be most effective in improving learning ad memory.
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Gelatinised maca means that maca used is not raw but heated. The reason for doing this is to make it more digestible since some people don’t digest the type of the starch found in maca very well.  The nutrients is reduced in a process but if you find it hard to digest maca then gelatinised maca may be a great alternative.

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try maca in smoothies, desserts, dressings etc.

Some of our free recipes with maca





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