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Spirituality, Consciousness and Positive attitude to life – 17 ays to your optimal health

To be honest with you, This topic is one of the most enjoyable topics for me to talk about, just because I believe in this so much.

We know intuitively that when you feel good your body feels good too. Fortunately for people who may be sceptical to this idea about mind and body connection, there are many scientifically studies done to prove this. Furthermore, there even is a new field of reattach, called pyschoneuroimmunology, which is dedicated to unlocking the connection between our thoughts and our immune system.

– When we are stressed, our bodies produce more adrenaline. The adrenaline causes a decrease in available antibodies and a reduction of number and quality of lymphocytes.

– The brain produces hormone-like chemicals all the time. They are neuropeptides to communicate with itself and the rest of the body. When we are happy and calm, it produces a specific receptors that can strengthen and build immune system. When we are depressed we produce another set of neuropeptides, which can shut down the immune system.

Because our entire body is created, run and influenced by the brain, our minds interact with every organs and cell in our bodies.

There are many studies done to prove this but here are the examples

– connection between depression and heart attack

A research in Montreal has shown that post heart attack patients,  who were depressed were ,pre likely to die from another heart attack within 18 months than those who were not – 10 times more likely

the American journal of Medicine has published that patients with a history if heart disease who were depressed were eight times more likely to develop deadly heart rhythms than those who were not.

– placebos (pills and operation)

on average, 35 percent of all people who receive a placebos experience improvement of their physical conditions.

New England Journal of medicine has published in 2014 that The patients who had a “fake ” knee surgery had just as much improvement in pain and activities as those whose meniscus was actually repaired.

– stress

there are stress factors everywhere. It triggers your adrenal glands to release costeroids so that we receive an instant energy. Also your pituitary releases a hormone called ACTH, which causes your adrenal glands to release epinephrine and norepinephrine, which cause your body’s fight and flight response. It is a normal response and also an important one. A problem raises when this stressful situation goes on for too long or too often. Eventually your body’s energy reserves are exhausted , causing many disorders such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, gastrointestinal, skin, neurologic and emotional disorders

medical solutions

Prozac is one of the major pharmaceutical drugs developed for depression. It is one of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Others are Zoloft, Luvox, Celexa, Effexor and Serzone. Unfortunately there are many side effects that nay not be told to the patients.

– SSRIs cause mania and delusions of grandeur in 1 out of every 25 children taking the drugs

-A tendency to violence has been reported in 1 out of 16 prozac users

– In 70 percent of all murder/ suicides involving women and children, the women were on SSRIs.

Of course these studies and findings should be taken as an information only and talk to your physicians if you have any personal concerns.

Herbal solutions

There are many herbal formula that you may like to look into

– valerian root

-kava kava

-passion flower

– st johns wort

– lobelia

-black cohosh

– skullcap, hops and catnip

– chamomile

It is important to make sure that your nutritional needs are met. Mood regulating vitamins, such as vitamin D, Bs and magnesium need to be checked.

Other solutions

If you desire a peace in this modern world you will need to invest some time and energy to improve your emotional state.

– meditation

– visualisation

– intelligent movement / breathing ( see other posts)

– affirmation

It is empowering to take this in your own hands. Not relying on a substances that may give you a short term relief.

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