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Hormones part 2 – 17 ways to your ultimate health

Welcome back to the part 2!

Testosterones are needed not only for men but also for women as well.  Testosterones can drop as much as 40 percent in men between their early 40s and 70s. For 10 – 15 percent of all men those levels drop as early as their 30s. The decreased testosterones will decrease sexual desire and performance as well as drive for successful and meaningful life.

Some studies have shown the powerful effect of  wild green oats and nettle to increase testosterone by releasing the bound testosterone already there and helping to prevent conversion of testosterones to dihydrotestosterone in men. Zinc can be helpful to prevent the conversion as well.

Human Growth Hormones

Many have claimed the effects of  Human Growth Hormones as ” immortality” and “youth” hormones.

HGH can

– decrease fat

– increase energy levels

– rejuvenate skin and hair

– increase immune system

– better kidney, cardiovascular, sexual functions

– increase athletic performance

– strengthens the bones

there are different types of Growth Hormones

Human growth hormones  – from human cadavers, found to be expensive , with a risk of diseases

Growth Hormones, which are  altered from yeast plant – almost identical to HGH , but has to be injected and expensive

amino acid precursor (secretagogues) – not as powerful as GH  injection but inexpensive

homeopathic GH – works as well as secretagogues.

new version of GH , which can work for people who has pituitaries that don’t have the capability to produce  HGH.

If you don’t want to rely on the supplemental form there are a few foods and herbs that may be helpful.

– mucuna

– ginkgo biloba

– goji berry

– cordyceps

(they are all available for purchase at the shop)

insulin is a major blocker of  Human Growth Hormones, make sure to have nutrient rich whole foods to avoid insulin spikes

Majority of Human Growth Hormones are produced when we are in a deep sleep. Make sure to have a regular bed time and aim for a quality of sleep

Just being active and any types of exercise can help producing the Human Growth Hormones.  The best exercise is high intensity exercise , also called tabata, HIIT or peak fitness exercise.


Melatonin is another natural hormones that eh body produce in the  pineal gland and decline significantly as we age. The trigger for production is darkness – total darkness. today, however, living in the world with a constant light coming in does not help keeping the ultimate level of this hormone. Melatonin is important for many things including better sleep. mood, immunity, powerful antioxidant and cancer fighting abilities.


As you may know there are many more important hormones, such as serotonin. adrenal, thyroid hormones, dopamine and gastrin. We will cover this deeper in a near future

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