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seductive valentine’s day cacao fudge with mucuna Pruriens



Love is in the air 😉

Valentine’s day is coming up and there are a lot of cacao around!


For all the lovers out there, I want to share this raw cacao fudge recipe with you. Whoever you are going to share these with, you will love these simple superfood cacao fudge on the special day.

Mucuna pruriens is also called velvet bean and has L-dopa. L-dopa can be converted into Dopamine, which is used for proper functioning of the brain. Dopamine is depleted by stress, stimulants, alcohol and especially important for our hormone health, muscle growth, sexual function and and general sense of well being. It may also help with reducing body fat and increase energy levels.

I like my chocolate dark and bitter sweet. You can play with the sweetness to your own preference.


3/4 cup almond butter

2 cups cacao nibs

1/2 cup cacao powder

pinch of salt

3 tbs – 5tbs  coconut oil ( you may need more oil if you use more sweetener )

1/2 tbs mucuna

1/4 -1/2 cup sunroot syrup or your preferred liquid sweetener


Blend all the ingredients and set in the fridge till firm (about 1-2 hour)

Slice and enjoy 😉

If you haven’t planned anything for this year’s Valentine’s day make sure to check out our special dinner.  We only have a few spots available so be quick!

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