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raw food intensive course

Are you in charge of your own health?

I like listening to podcasts these days. If you see me riding my bicycle to work, that is what I am usually doing. ( maybe it is not a safe way though!) I came across this interesting concept. “being a ripple” Some of us are naturally extrovert and have a strong presence to reach out to others and spread their message to wider audience. But some of us are introvert and prefer to create something quietly or live their own life with their own ethos. Someone with a bigger audience may be able to reach more people. But even if you don’t have that sort of platform just by pursuing your calling can affect even more deeply to those who are around you.
You may be a mum who cooks you family’s meals. You may go out for dinner with friends and they may ask you about your choice. What if that doesn’t stop there? Your child could tell his/her friends. Your friends may start shopping in a different way.
As a consumer and a person in this society we are more powerful than we think we are. Now it is easier than ever before. If you are on social media or have your digital circle just sharing a picture, quote, or even a website link could make a huge difference in someone’s lives even without you knowing it. Pretty amazing, right?

It was certainly my path before opening Shokuiku. I started with myself, then sharing that with my family. With so many trials and errors, a couple of certifications along the way and serving so many of you as well as wellness leaders in this community I feel that this is my way of making a ripple.

I am excited to be (finally) launching our raw food intensive program and I would love you to join us.

so how does it work?

You have an option of taking certified program or module only.

With the certified program you will have a full access to me and ask any questions or feedbacks on your assignments. You will have to submit your assignments (pictures of your dishes, recipes, and other questions) so we can guide you to refine your techniques and make sure that you are getting much out of this program. This submission process is done within the program by uploading either images or documents.  Certified program is to be completed within 3 months to receive your certification.  After completing all the lessons you are asked to create your own 3 course meal, using what you have learnt. It is quite a intensive program and recommended for those who are committed and can put aside time and effort to immerse themselves in this lifestyle.

With the module only program you will still have an access to all the recipes and information we share in the course for 3 months. You do not need to submit any assignments. even though we will try our best to answer any questions you have we may not be able to offer regular or instant feedbacks.

It is definitely not just a collection of my raw food recipes. It is a step by step education to learn

– the skills you need to navigate a high raw food kitchen
– the basic knife skills
– how to optimise nutrition with fermented foods, sprouting, activating and more
– how and when to use certain ingredients
– recipes that are loved by health conscious as well as newbies
and more!

You will be creating basic recipes such as plant based milk, aged fermented cheeses to crouton, parmesan, falafel, cookies, not to mention an amazing raw ice cream.

It has been more than a couple of years since I started working on this program. please go find more about it via  or click the image below


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