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what’s wrong with wellness industry

Wellness sector is apprently $3.7 trillion global industry. More people are getting used to the idea of paying $200 for yoga pants or spending $1000 for a high speed blender.
I come acoss an article highlighting the problems with the wellness industry. it writes..“The problem with the wel being industry is that it’s morphed into the kind of enterprise that capitalises on capitalism”
Do you agree?
“…….it is a truth universally acknowledged that people will throw large wads of cash at anything that buys them social status. For all the emphasis on inner calm and cleanliness that propels the wellness industry, it runs on the same old grubby produce that fuels the rest of the world – money.”
For me getting in the health and wellness industry or just becoming more aware of health of myself and environment was not becuase of the trend. 14 years ago there was literally nothing.
If someone is jumping on the let’s get healthy and fit bandwagon now because it is trendy, in my opinion it’s much better than people getting caught up with other meaningless things. If it wasn’t with this, it would probably be something else.
Any trends reflect what is happening in the world. There is a need for meditaion, yoga, real foods, adaptogens, superfoods. There is a need for plastic bag and straw policies and clothes made with organic hemp/bamboo that pay the workers fairly. These are the things that helped me to be a little kinder, more grounded, inspired, centred, confident and be able to love myself a little more. It’s easier than ever before to spend money for what I beleive in. I do not have any problems promoting these things.
You don’t need expensive gears to do yoga. Going for a walk, meditating and sitting still do not have to cost you any money. Just carry your resuable drink bottles and tote bags and say not to straws. That’s not reserved for privileged.
I love this wellness industry. I have seen some people who may be in it for purely business reasons. but who am I to judge? This industry is filled with people who care about it passionately and wish to serve others with their efforts and skills. (if it was for the money I wouldn’t be doing what I do for sure )

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