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Lacto Fermented Pickles

When I have some spare time, I love making some staple things that I can keep for emergencies. that includes pickles.

Recently got some little heirloom multicolour carrots and decided it was the perfect time for pickled carrots.

Pickels can be made with vinegar but my favourite way is to use simple brine, called lacto fermentation.

multi colour heirloom carrot

1. wash and place them in a jar ( no need to peel)

2. add your spices of your choice (I used coriander seeds, black pepper here)

3. add your brine solution

4. make sure all the vegetables are covered with brine

5. close the lid and let it sit for 5-10 days depending on your flavour preference

6. burb to remove the pressure now and then


For most vegetables 2 percent concentration works fine. that means 2og salt per 1 litre water

Some vegetables such as peppers and cucumbers can mold easily. so you may try 3.5 to 5 percent.

SALT should be natural source as iodised or processed salt has unnatural chemicals which may kill the beneficial bacteria

WATER should be properly filtered with fluoride and chlorine removed.

Another trick is to add grape leaves. These leaves as well as other tannins containing leaves (such as oak leaves, black tea, horseradish leaves) can keep the pickles crisp.

grape leaf for pickleslacto feremented carrot

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