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Is raw food too extreme?


I am sitting here writing this because of a few comments going around in the health and wellness community lately.

“Just eat real food” I hear this often and I catch myself say this as well.


Just eat real food.

cooked or raw. organic or non-organic, plants or animals.


What if you start eliminating some food groups?

“no refined sugar for me , thank you”

“No animals products on my plate”

“I don’t do gluten”

“I only buy organic”

“too much fructose in fruits for me”

“raw food is too cold for me”

“nuts are not for human consumption”

Is everything in moderation the key to your health? These beliefs about certain foods can lead you to a disorder?


It is a fine line. For a person who love eating healthy food and have a strong opinion on what is ethical regarding food production, there are many foods that I do avoid.

I am certainly not perfect but really… what is perfect? I may eat too much frozen berries. I may combine too many foods in one setting. But I do this with much pleasurable anticipation. I don’t normally eat cooked food but my daughter makes the best pop corn and if she hand feeds me some of what she made I eat them with a chuckle.

However I am pretty strict compared to many others I know. I only eat what I and my body enjoy having inside my body in a physical and energetic sense. No guilt afterwards because I choose to eat the food I eat, healthy or unhealthy (in my or other people’s book) at that time. ( that is why I don’t enjoy labelling myself as it may change in the future)

If there is nothing that I want to eat (note I didn’t say “I can eat”) then I am happy just to wait till I see something that I would like to eat. It is not like I would starve if I don’t eat for 6 hours, right?

I feel it is just a mindset.

Do you eat certain foods out of LOVE? or out of GUILT?

Do you avoid certain foods out of BEING TRUE TO YOURSELF or out of FEAR?


Well , that was my ramble. I would love to know your opinion and prospective on this issue. agree with me or not


with love

yoko xx




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