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Hormones part 1 – 17 ways to your ultimate health

balancing hormones have been a big topic in an antI ageing community.

It is a deep topic that we can’t go over lightly but here are two major things that we are going to have a look at.

– estrogen dominance – because of exposure to chemical estrogens in food, air and water, majority of men and women are experiencing the effects of estrogen dominance by the early 30’s

– testosterone has become “unavailable” and for men, the testosterone that they do have is converted into dihydrotestosterone, which could lead to prostate enlargement and cancer

The most important thing we can do is to look at our lifestyle and the food, water and air we take.

Fruits, vegetables in a natural state provide low – action phytoestrogens for the body. These estrogens fill the body’s estrogen receptor sites, making them less available for use. When there are no beneficial phytoestrogens the body’s receptor sites are waiting for stronger estrogens. The stronger estrogens , estrone and estradiol, are produced by the body. The more powerful and destructive compound , xenoestrogens can enter the body and disrupters the normal hormone balance.

to avoid xenoestrogens

food – avoid all pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

Choose organic, locally grown and seasonal where possible

choose organic, hormones and chemical free meats, seafood and dairy products

plastic – use less plastic as much as possible

Avoid heating food or water in a plastic ( microwave or in the sun)

Avoid using plastic wrap to cover food

household products – use chemical free cleaning products

use unbleached paper products ( toilet paper, coffee filters, tampons etc)

– use a chlorine filter for bathing and drinking water

beauty products – avoid cosmetics and skin care with chemicals such as parabens and stearalkonium

use natural fragrances such as essential oils

other – be aware of gas from copiers, printers, gas pumps, petrol fumes etc.

Estrogens are important part of the healthy body. Only problems raise when the level is too high with insufficient amounts of natural progesterone.

possible problems include

– endometrial cancer

– increased risk of breast cancer

– loss of bone mass

– depression, irritability

– decreased sex drive

– increased body hair and thinning of scalp hair

– increased body fat

– PMS and menopausal symptoms

– increased blood clotting

– impaired blood sugar control

– impaired thyroid function

– declined sperm count in men

There are many experts in this field , who claim taking natural progesterone can be very helpful. Personally I haven’t experienced it but it is something that I will be considering in a future.


It has been a long post, make sure to check out part 2 or hormones. We will be going over testosterone a ( for men and women ) as well as other hormones such as human growth hormones, which are powerful rejuvenating hormones and melatonin

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