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healthy sugar alternative – quit refined sugar

my favourite sweeteners – healthy sugar alternative

When I started being more aware of what I am putting into my body, first thing that had to go was refined sugar. There are so many different health tips and diets out there but everyone seems to agree that refined sugar is not part of a healthy diet.

Us humans seem to love sweet flavour. I used to avoid everything sweet including fruits strictly but I have relaxed a lot more now.
Fruit sugar (not refined or concentrated fructose), molasses, coconut sugar, raw honey, maple sugar, brown rice syrup etc can be healthier option than refined sugars and you may use these instead. But certainly you do not want to go overboard with the quantity.
If you are pretty healthy these are not harmful in a sensible quantity. I also believe that sweet flavour has its purpose in our lives. Its expansive and relaxing energy can bring our body a harmonious balance.
Imbalance occurs when we consume these too much, or if you are already suffering from any disorders such as candida issues, blood sugar problems, diabetes and other diseases. As much as WE love sugar (in any form), undesirable bacteria, fungus, and other unwanted cells love them and feed on the sugar you consume. yep, it is a party time for them as well in your cells!

For those who feel that they are craving sugar all the time, It is great to have a little time that you avoid all the sugar. It is also beneficial in a psychological sense. Do you think the tiny bacteria in your guts are trying to manipulate you into getting them sugar? well, it could certainly be the case…

Out of all the healthier alternative I have a few favourites

luo han guo
I have to say it is one of my top choice when it comes to non-GI, non- calorie sweetener. Luo han guo, also called longevity fruit in China, is relatively new to the Western market but It has been used in Asia for more than 800 years. Not only it does not raise blood sugar levels or cause tooth decay, it has been used for its medicinal properties, including treatment for sore throat, weight issues, coughs and fevers. Luo han guo usually comes in an extract form of concentrated mogrosides, which is a compound responsible for its sweetness. click here to try some Luo han guo

Stevia is another non calorie, non GI sweetener. Many people have heard of stevia but not many know that all the stevia on the market are NOT created equal. I would try to choose more whole stevia, green or brown. Many have been refined so much that has a chemically bitter aftertaste. Our liquid stevia are made from green stevia and less processed than most on the market ( see here) and they are actually pretty nice in flavour. I also use dried up stevia leaves if I am making a smoothie in a blender.

Lakanto and stevia are the only sweeteners that have been endorsed by Body Ecology Diet, safe to use if you have candida. Lakanto is also non- calorie and non GI. The two ingredients in lakanto is Luo han guo extract and erythritol. Erythritol in lakanto is a sugar alcohol found naturally in fermented GMO free corn.
Some have trouble, such as diarrhoea and bloating with other sugar alcohols like xylitol, sorbitol and malitol. But erythritol may not as troublesome as lakanto is made by fermentation while other sugar alcohols are made from hydrogenation.
Great thing about lakanto is easier to use that stevia or luo han guo. They are so concentrated that you need to adjust the recipes. Lakanto has a flavour and texture similar to raw sugar and easily replaced in your recipes. you can get your lakanto here

Yacon syrup, Jerusalem artichoke syrup
These two are from the same family and have many of the same characteristics. Jerusalem Artichoke and Yacon are naturally sweet root vegetables and rich in inulin, which are special fibres known to act as prebiotics. Inulin is often called FOS and it does not metabolise in the human digestive system. It makes a low GI, low calorie sweetener with a natural sweet taste. The main difference between Yacon and Jerusalem Artichoke is Jerusalem artichoke has even more inulin/FOS.
The Jerusalem artichoke and its relative Yacon have been found to have the highest concentration of FOS of all cultured plants. you can buy yacon powder here and contact us at to get more information on jerusalem syrup

We are fortunate to have such a wide range of options when it comes to health eating. What is important is to be educated. If you are buying packaged products check the labels. Even in some products that you don’t expect sugar to be used, you may be surprised how widely it is added.

Another thing is to chunk in with the amount you are consuming. When you know that the sweeteners are healthy it is easy to overeat them. This could create imbalance in the body. Do not be scared of this wonderful flavour, but be conscious about where it is coming from and how much you are having.

The last note, I do not recommend overly processed artificial sweeteners for anyone. It does not matter if it is no calorie. In my opinion they are nothing but a chemical substance, which can cause many problems.

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