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Exercise / movement – 17 ways to your optimal health

Yes, it is true. We do need to move everyday

here is why

– blood circulation  – healthy flow of blood is important as it delivers nutrients, vitamins and hormones into the cells and organs as well as exchanging the oxygens and carbon dioxide. Exercise will improve the blood flow.

-lymph circulation – Your lymph system is there to remove toxins, wastes, dead body cells, bacteria and heavy metals out of your body tissue. Unfortunately the lymph system does not have a pump of its own. That means it relies on the muscle movement to keep the flow.

-Heart – strengthens the heart muscle

– blood pressure – helps maintain / lower high blood pressure

– muscles – Strong muscles, tendons and ligaments can help you to cope better with physical stress, better posture and reduce body pain.

-bone density – exercise, especially resistance  training can reduce bone deterioration and build bone mass, preventing osteoporosis.

– improved mood – exercise can produce “happy chemicals” called endorphins, which can help with stress, depression and stimulate the immune system

– biochemical changes – Exercise, especially high intensity short exercise and weight training can increases human growth hormone

– maintain healthy weight – Exercise is part of healthy weight plan, by burning calories and develop muscles which help improving the metabolic rate.

-revitalise – Exercise , including many stretching, yoga, tai chi exercise can help the body to be more flexible, lubricate the joints to prevent injuries.

After the age of thirty we start losing muscle mass more easily. Even as little as  15 minutes can gain all the potential benefits of training. Do what suits you and what you enjoy. Also make sure to include different types of exercise (aerobic, resistance training, HIIT, peak fitness training, yoga, pilates, dance, walking, rebounding, etc etc) to keep it interesting, challenging and prevent injuries.

note: I have been researching about negative effect of cardiovascular exercise (I know!!!) I will be posting on this subject soon

what are your favourite exercise?

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