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dental health – 17 ways to your optimal health

A new study has been published to demonstrate significant association with the development of periodontal infection and many systemic diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, respiratory infections, adverse pregnancy outcomes, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes, chronic fatigue, digestive issues etc.

Not many have associated a good oral hygiene and longevity but it does make sense. The rate of absorption inside the mouth is very high because its moist skin tissue is only one cell thick. If we have the healthy gums and the skin wall they provide barrier against unwanted microorganisms entering the circulatory system but one bleeding gum, unbalanced diet can create the imbalance in the mouth.

Brushing after a meal, especially before bed, flossing, oil pulling are simple yet  essential to enhance longevity.


In Number 7 of 17 ways to your optimal health we will be discussing “water” so we won’t go too deep in a subject of Fluoride. Let’s say many countries banned fluoride to be added into the water for its toxicity.

Mercury fillings

To treat  a cavity a dentist will remove the decayed portion of the teeth and fill the area. There are several materials available and one of them is amalgam, which consists if mercury mixed with silver, tin, copper and a trace amounts of zinc.  This type of fillings was promoted because it is easy to work with. Yet it is well known that mercury is one of the most toxic metals known. Here are some studies done

-within 30 day of receiving amalgam fillings, kidney function is reduced by 50 percent

-Mercury levels in MS patients is 7.5 times higher than normal on average

_ Removing amalgam fillings can make T-cell counts to rise from 50 – 300 percent

– A single amalgam filling can pump on average 3,000,000,000,000,000 mercury atoms into your body each and every day!

Root canals.

When an infected pulp from the tooth is removed a dentist will have to sterilise and refill the canals to prevent recontamination of the root canal system. Each single tooth is sustained by tubules running thorough the solid dentin (just like arteries and veins) Once a tooth has and its root filled, there is no nourishment circulating through its tubules. A problem is the tubules is still there. It is physically impossible to fully sterilise them and once sealed no immune system or antibiotics can reach there to combat any infections. Unfortunately those bacteria and toxins can travel out into surrounding tissues in the body. That can lead to many diseases such as arthritis, heart diseases, chronic infection, chronic fatigue, eye problems etc.

When it comes to the dental health a prevention is the key. daily brushing, flossing and oil pulling (not recommended if you have a mercury filling) and using anti viral, bacteria herbs and maintaining a healthy diet will help maintain a healthy oral environment.

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