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Diet – 17 Ways To Your Optimal Health

This is everyone’s favourite topic..

what is the BEST diet. It can be so confusing to so many of us, because of so many different diets out there

-caveman diet

-gap diet

– hi carbo diet



-high protein diet

-atkins diet

– blood type diet


It seems like there are at least a couple of new diets popping up every year!

i am sorry to disappoint you but I cannot tell you what the optimal diet for you. It depends on your individual constitution. some may do well with high fat, high protein and low carbohydrate diet. some may do well with high carbohydrate (not many of us)  or some may do best with high fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrate. How do you know which type you are? It all comes down to you experimenting and feeling the body after the meal. If you feel sluggish after high fat meal then you may want to reduce the amount. if you come down straight away after a high carbohydrate meal then you may have to increase your protein intake. There is no straight answer to this.

It all comes down to how in tune you are with your body.

However there are a guideline that can apply to most people

-cut down or eliminate refined, processed products, which include white flour, rice, cereals, snack foods, refined sugar

-cut down or eliminate pesticides, hormones, preservatives and colourings (choose organic, bio dynamic, local produce)

-chewing food properly and eat in a relaxed manner

– cut down or eliminate hydrogenated oils and trans fatty acids ( that means any highly oxidised oil in cooked, baked or fried foods)

– enjoy and gratitude to the food you are eating

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