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community, connection

We had two community get together in one week last week. And they happened in such a great timing.

Don’t get me wrong. I love what I do and grateful for all these opportunity but like everyone I know, I do have some moments that I feel the need for inspiration again. For a while I felt like I was going over the same routine again and again. One day I was saying to someone ” I want some exciting things happened to me. I don’t care what it is!” Then in the end of the day, just about to hop onto my bicycle to go home, I see my bicycle with a flat tyre. Well… I suppose the universe was listening to me (you do need to be clearer what you ask for 😉

Anyway. On Monday we had a POP (people on purpose)  dinner, organised by the main protagonist Not a usual networking event. It was  an opportunity to meet other inspiring individuals who are committed to living a life with purpose and passion. As soon as people started coming in , I felt the energy of the room changed. My heart pounds faster, anticipating and inspired by their presence. Hearing their dreams and passions as well as their struggle and worries stimulate my heart. seeing myself in their stories and journey. I get excited.


Friday night, a beautiful friend of mine from active Eats  have organised a community get together at our space. Knowing her I knew it was going to be a great night. Many of us are so busy with our own every day tasks. Not much time left for seeing everyone (except on the social media these days) It is such a great tool to connect with  people who are doing a great things on Facebook and instagram etc but seeing them in person, actually exchanging the hugs, and holding hands are such a special moment. Reiki, crystals, mediation, kombucha, medicinal chocolate, rose tonic water and soul connections were shared with all of us!

I had my daughter there in the evening. She was going around taking our carefully made organic and raw finger foods to everyone. Just seeing her feeling accepted, nurtured and valued in this beautiful community really warms my heart.

Every single one of you are affecting people around you in some ways. Reach out to people, just listen to their stories, tell them that you value their presence in your life. When you ask them how they are, really mean it. You might just have changed their lives without you knowing…




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